First Book

New books for kids in need.

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    wouldn’t live, couldn’t afford to live, and am not alive.
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    would lose out on experiencing one of the most important methods of human expression, a portal into new worlds, new...
  4. lovelyenid answered: wouldn’t have a job.
  5. rosiesdoctorremade answered: Wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t even recognize myself.
  6. fracturedfragmentedfigments answered: Would never have gained imagination and creative thinking. Books are the reason behind my life and who i am. They shape you more than u know
  7. roseaidatulazita answered: i feel boring
  8. onnymelt answered: blind
  9. kitija123 answered: without books i feel alone
  10. yuumegari answered: Would die.
  11. mufidahfd answered: nothing
  12. pandemikvp answered: would not have learned a second language
  13. deskrabbit answered: would die. Or kill myself. Same ending.
  14. the-merry-pedestrian answered: am simply not me.
  15. badbarbie0219 answered: Feel Like I Have No Other Stress Reliever
  16. simplysunflowers answered: … would be a very sad young lady.
  17. smilingpinky answered: would not be reading this
  18. prettyeyesdupree answered: would be utterly bored!
  19. sloanemarissa answered: would be lost in a sea of banal dribble
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  21. sleepintodream answered: will not be who I am today :’)
  22. imwithyountiltheendoftheline answered: would die
  23. penningpanda answered: would be a totally different person.
  24. wapy answered: I’d have no company for big travels.
  25. thusspokeshe answered: feel alone.
  26. dislikethinkingofuniquenames answered: have substantially less journey’s to embark on.
  27. irrealityshow answered: I would not know what to do with this fucking life!
  28. aimingforpretty answered: would not read, dream and be able to comfort myself with the tangible memories of my childhood (Anne of Green Gables and co!).
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  30. thedoctormademedoit answered: would still hate reading, and would be nowhere near who I am today
  31. im-inexplicit answered: wouldn’t be intelligent.
  32. burnallthefandoms answered:
  33. nickstella answered: would have never been able to create new worlds.
  34. foresteyed answered: would think that something in life is missing.
  35. michelenataliec answered: would feel empty!
  36. motheroftheworld answered: will have about a dozen shelves of emptiness in my house
  37. crazyteacher answered: would die.
  38. windup-heart answered: Without books I would go insane
  39. classroomchaos answered: would be forced to watch television more often, and you wouldn’t want that.
  40. asundra answered: …can’t live.
  41. todream92 answered: would lose my mind
  42. mgweng74 answered: would never have fallen in love with children’s books again.
  43. swanconfessions answered: am lost.
  44. roseofbattles answered: have nothing to get unecessarily upset about.
  45. thesinginglark answered: would probably die.
  46. marcemromero answered: would never learn