A Thank You That Warmed Our Hearts

We got this letter last week from Alexandra Huddleston, a teacher at a public charter school in Washington DC who got books from First Book for her students:


When the 18 boxes of books arrived in our small, crowded kindergarten classroom, my kids were immediately curious. We had started the school year without a single book. In fact, most of my students had no exposure to books, period.

On the day of our book fair, I packed 10 books from First Book into gift bags for each student and elaborately arranged our classroom tables to display the remaining titles. My students examined every book, carefully choosing which ones to add to their bags.

They were elated, completely beside themselves! The sheer weight of their gift bags was enough to ignite their excitement beyond anything I’d seen this year.

But the most amazing part of the entire experience was what happened next.

One child raised her hand. “Miss Huddleston,” she said. “There are a lot of books still here.” Almost immediately, another student’s hand shot up and he chimed in, “Let’s give them to the other classes!”

And so, instead of keeping the leftover books for our own classroom library, the children packed them up and delivered them to the two other kindergarten classes, with as much, if not more, excitement than they had when receiving their own books.

I cannot thank you enough for this amazing teaching and learning experience. By simply allowing us the opportunity to furnish each student with as little as 10 books, you have impacted our entire learning community.

Thank you! A million times, THANK YOU!

With Learning Love,
Alexandra Huddleston
William E. Doar, Jr. Public Charter School
Washington, DC

To ensure that more teachers like Alexandra have books for their students this holiday season, donate to First Book. Every $2.50 provides a brand-new book for a child from a low-income family.